More than just a mobile app

The complete point of reference
about your child’s school journey



School Notifications


Bus Tracking




Sports Performance

Progress Report


Mydiary is a software + hardware solution that schools implement in their campus.
We have adapted facial recognition technology for indian school conditions empowering us to track the child’s attendance and their attention levels in school.

An app that will index your child's education lifecycle

Syllabus, attendance, time - table, performance and much more...


Now the syllabus, timetable and homework will be on tablets and mobile. Your bags will become lighter and your learning - brighter!


Put assignment, homework and announcements directly from the classroom. One click and send to all parents.


Grandparents, maids, cousins and aunts can also stay updated in real time.


Get a macro perspective on the functioning of the school’s key metrics.


Never miss a notification, task or a special event. MyDiary will replace everything you have been used to.

MyDiary bridges the gap between
technology and practicality

We have taken great care in the design and architecture of MyDiary and parents will appreciate its unifying solution.

An app, not a software

A mobile based, multi platform tool that integrates the information for school, parent and child at one place.

Powered by facial recognition technology

Get future ready. Biometric solutions are not foolproof. Attendance at schools and universities is captured by biometric cameras. No child can be a proxy for another.

Made for Parents, by Parents

Every one of us working on this app is a parent and we have developed this platform from a user perspective. Previously there were multiple channels of communication; Chat groups, emails, sms, circulars to get updated. Becoming a parent is a full­time job but it can certainly be less stressful.

Track not only Data, but Emotions too

Does your child like going to school? Was he or she attentive ? Every parent would love to know this. Well, now you can. Using facial recognition software, we can track the finer facial movements and deduce their mood with remarkable accuracy.

A companion throughout the education lifecycle

MyDiary is designed for schools, colleges and universities. The features get added or modified but the experience will remain the same across all phases. We have some brilliant ideas for MyDiary and every one of them will add convenience to a parent’s life. For the school For parents For students.

Curious to know more

See a demo video of how it works

Are you a Parent?

Now you do not have to ask around, you get all updates on your phone


For the Student?

Less weight on your shoulder, more information in your hands


For a Teacher ?

Manage students with ease and focus personally on each of them"


How will MyDiary add value to you?

A mobile based, multi platform tool that integrates the information for school, parent and child at one place.